From all the kitchens around the world..
We serve you unique innovative combined dishes

The Taste.. Unforgettable

Our Journey

The journey of San Pablo began in Italy with the Chef “…”, who decided to create a different modern concept of international kitchen by establishing a majestic meaning of authenticity, and by giving each dish the spirit of uniqueness exclusively. This is reflected in the details of the story we share, that will cherish the memory of your wonderful moments.

smoked turkey rocaille salad-2

More Than a Chef

Saudi Italian Dishes.. with French Touch

San Pablo constitutes the genuine concept of authenticity and renewal of the present, as it serves a unique combination of international-rich in featured flavors dishes.

In San Pablo, we are inspired by the best of each region around the world, in order to serve Innovative dishes that combine multiple kitchens with their various styles in one place that reaches you everywhere.

We guarantee that you will get a quality that competes with the most authentic local and international restaurants, and go through an experience that brings together distinction and diversity.

We Appreciate.. Your Signor Taste

San Pablo owns a creative identity that takes you to new dimensions of amazing food experience that carries in each dish a different and exceptional story.

It serves unforgettable amazing food combinations, that will make you feel like being present in the most authentic international restaurants around the world.

We are passionate about creating the story you want to tell with your loved ones to become an essential part of your special occasions, by providing a new diverse experience; made especially for your own savor according to the international standards and competitive prices.